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Wednesday, December 17


Written by: Bob Metcalfe

On the heels of Scott's post from yesterday evening, I'd like to discuss the word "plowable".

It brings me back to the very first week I started here at News8 back in January of this year. I had walked into my favorite pizza shop and a few buddies of mine, who run a landscaping business in the summer and plow business in the winter, immediately cornered me.

They went on to tell me that "us plow guys need to know when there is going to be plowable snow". Now, this is a relative term. When I lived in West Virginia, an inch was plowable snow. Two inches, schools were cancelled. So I immediately realized I had some adjustments to make. I asked them what they thought plowable meant. Their response: about 3-4" before 4AM (this means they have to get out earlier). But regardless of your take, I thought it was an interesting discussion. No doubt we received "plowable" snow all across the area last night, with anywhere from 2-6 inches being reported across western New York.

Fortunately for us, the weather will clear up later this afternoon. Enjoy some sun!

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