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Friday, February 27

Literally the Coldest. EVER.

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

Most "normal" people you run into (non-weather weenies) will probably tell you this winter was the worst EVER! That's an exaggeration, but only slightly. With 1 day left in the month, I'm 99.9% certain we will end the month of February the coldest in recorded history in Rochester, at 12.4° for the average. Nine days (not including Saturday morning) were below zero, 10 days (not including Saturday) were 10 days at OR below zero. AND we recorded snow on 25 out of 26 days in the month (not including today & Saturday).

It looks like March will continue the snowy trend, with accumulating snow developing by Sunday evening and lasting through the Monday morning rush. I expect all of us to be doing a little more shoveling by Monday afternoon. No, not a "big one" but yes, some more accumulating snow to kick off the new month! And Tuesday/Wednesday - yeah, it's a sloppy storm!

Tuesday, February 24


Written By:  Scott Hetsko

The persistent parade of Arctic air pouring South from Central Canada will continue through the first week of March.  The trend next week does appear that perhaps the truest of the cold air may stay just to our North which would place us below average but not exceptionally cold like we've seen during February.

As of this writing, Rochester's average temperature for the month is a frozen 12.2° which is solidly in first place since records began in the early 1880's.  We will definitely finish in the top two all time given the forecast for the final days of the month.  On the snow side, 48.3" ranks number 3 all time in Rochester.

Saturday, February 21


Remember back to December and January when many of us were wishing for more snow and cold? Be careful what you wish for I guess!

After shattering more record lows over the past couple days, February 2015 now ties with 1934 as the coldest on record in Rochester and we've also seen plenty of snow. The snowfall total so far for the month is 41.1" and that puts us nearly 25" above average. Places closer to the lakeshore have seen significantly more than this!

Mother Nature isn't done with us yet either. A powerful Arctic cold front will bring another blast of brutally cold air to kick off the new work week. Highs by Monday will struggle to climb into the single digits and gusty winds will create dangerously low wind chill values of -20 to -35F!

Contrary to what some folks might have heard, Lake Ontario still has plenty of open water and this will factor into lake effect Sunday night into Monday morning. Some squalls could be locally heavy with several inches of accumulation possible near the lakeshore.

Looking further ahead, it appears that another frigid airmass is taking aim on western New York by the middle part of next week and temperatures will once again plunge below zero in many areas during the overnight hours.

Written By: Meteorologist Matt Jones

Friday, February 20

Ok, NOW Uncle?!

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

No, seriously. But not so fast.

Since January, our winter has been cold. January averaged about  5° below "normal" but lacked snowfall. February has really picked up the winter slack. Actually, really since Valentines Day. Nearly all of our sub-zero temperatures in February happened after Valentine's day (1 happened on the 13th). We are running nearly 12° below average in the temperature department for the month, and we have also made up our lack of snow from January - with nearly 40" this month, and over 80" on the season. Models continue to show arctic blast after arctic blast (although not quite as severe) heading into next week; one on Sunday/Monday, and another late-week.

Now this weekend "storm" - looks like a nuisance snowfall, but at least it's looking like a snowfall now, instead of a nuisance slop. Cold enough for all flakes with several inches of snow, followed by that next arctic blast. Another little guy coming on Wednesday with some snow, followed by another blast of colder air. I thought last winter was pretty harsh, and one to remember. Personally, I think this one puts last year to shame, in terms of the cold, at least, and persistently (although not blockbuster) snowy weather.

Tuesday, February 17

Snow-i-cane! AKA Meso Low

Did anybody happen to see the super cool meso low on the western edge of Lake Ontario around noon on Tuesday? No? Here is the visible satellite and the accompanying radar. Light winds created a lake/land breeze boundary in both the north and south shores of Lake Ontario, meeting in the middle (over the lake) and producing this!

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