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Friday, March 27

Late Season Snow

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

I think most of us have been done with the snow and ready to say "goodbye" to winter 2014-2015 for the last month. But, Mother Nature has other plans. With more snow in the forecast tonight (several inches of lake fluff), and a few more shots of it next week, you might be asking, "is it rare to get snow this late into the season?" The answer - no! Going back through all the snowfall stats kept for Rochester, the average last date of 1" or more of snow is April 1. The latest we've ever gotten 1" or more of snow (officially at the airport) is May 10th! Can you say Mother's Day snow?! And just looking back at the last 15 years, 7 of those recorded 1" or more of snow in 24 hours right into April. So, given the severity of the last few months of winter, many of us just want to be done. But, we're not done. And that's not a rarity!

Saturday, March 21


The calendar might say Spring but Old Man Winter isn't ready to give up just yet. Cold air will continue to pour south into western New York through Sunday and as this air moves across Lake Ontario, some late season  lake effect snow will develop. As is typical with lake effect, some places won't see much while other locations could pick up 2-5" by the time the lake snows diminish Sunday afternoon. 

Despite plenty of sunshine and high pressure moving in, temperatures will stay well below average into early next week with highs Monday only in the mid 20s once again. 

Spring will finally make a brief appearance midweek as low pressure develops to our west and a warm front surges north into western New York.

As gusty southwesterly winds develop, temperatures will jump into the middle and even upper 50s in some areas. Rain showers will be widespread as the warm front lifts north into the region and this, combined with the warm temperatures, could lead to some minor flooding concerns during this time. 

Looking further ahead, the persistent pattern that has been in place for the last few months will return with a strong ridge over the Western U.S and a deep trough in the East. This will guarantee more cold weather and the potential for more snow as we close out March. 

Bottom Line: Winter isn't over yet!

Written By: Meteorologist Matt Jones

Thursday, March 19

Lots of Sun, Little "Weather" Ahead

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

This is all I have for you. Looks like our "most interesting" event in the next week. And not all that interesting, at all. After the winter we had (ok, maybe just February), it's only fitting that we end our final few hours of the cold season with some more snow. Only a little though. Like, a coating to maybe an inch. Fair weather generally wins out over the next 7 days with a lot of sun, but that pesky trough in the Northeast doesn't want to go anywhere. That means colder than normal air overall, likely into April. That doesn't mean we won't warm up at all. We will have a few days popping into the 40s and 50s, mostly ahead of storm systems with milder air drawn in just ahead of it. At this point, I don't see any 60s in the foreseeable future.

Monday, March 9

32 days and counting...

Written By:  Scott Hetsko

We all know that our weather has been truly historic especially during the month of February.  Here's another example of that remarkable Winter.  Today is now the 32nd straight day with at least 12" of snow covering the ground officially in Rochester.  We have had many Winter months when not even an inch of snow stayed on the ground that long!  I scoured the records and couldn't find anything similar for our region for at least the last 70 years!

So when your parents or grandparents say, "I remember when we had snow up to our knees all Winter" you can now say you did too.  At least you'd be right!

Friday, March 6

The End is Near

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

The end of the real snowfall season here in WNY, that is. Not completely over, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Remember when this blog was full of "we won't see snow this winter," and "I'm calling it now, no more than 70" of snow." Well, we made it. Officially, we are over 95" of snow on the season, although that number is very skeptical, given the consistently low measurements from the airport this year (and previous years). So, for the purpose of being realistic, it is safe to say we have reached the 100" mark so far this season. The NWS has posted a summary of the lake effect events this winter (2014-2015 Lake Effect Season), and surprisingly, but not surprisingly, Rochester missed out on the big snow in every single event. So, most of that 100" of snow came from "nickel and dime" snows as a result of lake effect events, or synoptic systems. We aren't in an ideal location to get big lake snow from either lake, but it is possible. Not this winter.

Looking at the next 7 days, it doesn't look like we'll be adding onto our totals in any significant way. As far as that "warm-up" goes next week, there are mixed signals. GFS wants a bring a cold front down from Canada and squash the 50s further south of our area. Given the history of this winter, I'm more inclined to believe that, but that's just going by the trend this winter. Still, mid 40s are a very good bet by Wednesday, and at this point, I think many of us are quite looking forward to it! Which is kind of sad! Here's to a nice, sunny, warm summer :)

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