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Sunday, January 11


Written by: Bob Metcalfe

I guess this gives new meaning to referring to your diamond jewelry as "ice". Slovenia, a small country just east of Italy, recently recorded their coldest temperature EVER. In a recent news broadcast, a weatherman reported -49 degrees Celsius. Converted to fahrenheit: -56 degrees. That is absurd, ridiculous, unnecessary cold. And why did they make the WEATHERMAN go and stand out in it? I hope my bosses aren't getting any ideas!

It is so cold, that the meteorological institute of Germany offered suggestions that people with metal piercings should remove them if they step outside, as they cause an increased risk of freezing skin. In fact, they are urging all citizens to just stay in side until the cold subsides. We can't make this stuff up!

On that note folks, Rochester is set for a cool down of our own by Wednesday. No, we will not be seeing extremes quite like Slovenia, but expect a few trips below zero during the overnights Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Find the warmest of your clothes now, and be prepared to sport hats/gloves/scarves, and maybe even some handwarmers!

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