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Thursday, December 22


Written By: Scott Hetsko

A weak and quick moving storm will slide across Virginia early Friday morning. Just enough cold air will work into the area tonight to produce a light but wet snowfall in the overnight hours. A little rain will fall initially but it should go to all snow after midnight.

You'll likely wake up to a white lawn Friday morning. Higher elevations in the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier may get as much as 3 or 4" of wet snow by morning. The air will remain on the cold side Friday and Saturday so it's possible some will have a white Christmas but I think Rochester's snow will melt by Sunday.


  1. And I was getting kind of excited about the prospect of setting a low-snow record for the month. Bummer to get that close to the record, and now possibly lose it by a few fractions of an inch...

  2. Oh well, nothing wec an do. NExt week looks warmer again. The beat goes on. Merry Christmas to all.

  3. Did anyone notice the AO is predicted to skyrocket again? Also, AccuNever has already changed their ridiculous long range forecast of 20s and snow in early January to the 40s and rain.

    I need my daily dose of reassurance that winter will indeed come. Any offers???

  4. Some of the models are starting to hint at a blocking pattern to begin forming sometime within the first week of January. Now obviously this process takes time, but we've waited this long so what's a couple more weeks for us!?

  5. Thanks!!! I can now extinguish my cigarette!! (kidding).

    I am an active member on a snowmobile forum where everyone needs to a free prescription to Atavan, Xanax or Prozac.

    Some people are asking about why this winter has been this way so far. Someone mentioned the lack of Greenland High. And there was a reply asking what a Greenland High is and how it is formed. Below is my reply. Was I correct?

    "To create a Greenland High, LOTS of snow and cold air needs to be bred in the Arctic (over Siberia). This creates a temperature gradient (difference) between warmer air trying to drift up from the Pacific flow near the southern shore of Alaska, which creates instability (like warm lake water and cold air = lake effect) and low pressure systems (i.e. storms). These low pressure systems are followed by high pressure systems, since something like a vacuum is created when a low pressure system vacates. As the low pressure systems drift eastward they meet low pressure systems over Iceland. High pressure over the northern Atlantic gets trapped between the low pressure systems on either side. It's a common set up due to ocean currents delivering energy (heat) in the form of warm equatorial water north, cold air at the North Pole. Everything works in synchronization. Its really a neat phenomenon. However, many ingredients are required. And one ingredient being off throws the whole operation off kilter."

  6. Actually played a few holes of golf today. Go figure, first day of winter and I'm on a golf course in WNY. I love it.
    Hope we break that low snow record--finally a weather record I'm rooting for. 14 day looks good---well above ave temps look to continue. Golf in Jan.?

  7. I think we are all going to wake up to green grass tomorrow. It is after 1am and it is still 38 degrees and raining. The changeover to snow is just not happening. Looks good to break the least amount of snowfall record this month. Golf in January looks good.

  8. Still rain this morning, maybe that low snow record is within reach! With apologies to all waiting for snow, it would be kind of neat to have consecutive Decembers being the high and low snowfall records.
    And, with no science to back it up, just a lifetime in Roch, don't worry snow lovers. It will get here. Always has before!

  9. Yep, green grass, no snow. I am actually excited to beat the low snow record myself. It will be the lowest amount of snoe for the nov-dec period in recorded history according to channel 13. Cool.

  10. The last post was Weatherdan

  11. Woke up to about an inch of snow in the hills of Sparta (north of Dansville) and their is still a little light snow falling.


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