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Sunday, February 5

Is the Groundhog a Liar?

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

Just a few days ago, the groundhog told us we would have 6 more weeks of winter. Maybe he meant 6 more weeks till winter??

We'll start the new work week with temperatures flirting with 50 degrees in some spots throughout western New York, and nearly full sunshine, making it feel more like Spring...again.

November, December and January featured temperatures averaging about 5 degrees above normal. So far this month, we are average over 11 degrees warmer than normal (as of Sunday). But, that's because February 1st was 53 degrees, skewing the average up. Still another 50 degree day is certainly a mild start to the month!

It still looks like some pretty cold air will try to nose in by late this week and into the weekend; however no major snow on the horizon for us western New Yorkers searching for winter.


  1. I have an idea. Since there is nothng to talk about in this PATHETIC winter, let's talk about big storms of the past like the Ice Storm of 91 and the Blizard of 93. We can talk about our experiences when we actually had storms around here.

  2. Oh the 93 blizzard was amazing. I remember they had accurately forecasted that storm like 7 days before it hit.

    I wonder if there are some good storm pictures posted on line of the Rochester region. I probably have some on film buried someplace.

    I also remember a few good storms circa 1999 and again early 2000's where we got some back to back storms and city schools were closed for near a week straight.


  3. I am jazzed that the sun is finally shining today. On the other hand, my animals can't get a break from fleas and ticks this year due to warm temps.
    There must be other animal/weather enthusiasts out there . . . .

  4. I personally loved the 1991 Ice Storm. I remember being up all night listening to crack, pop and crash of trees and branches. I remember the sky lit up with different colors from the exploding transformers. It was wild and something I will never forget. Yeah, they had blizzard warnings up several days before the storm hit. They were that sure.

  5. That is what is confusing to me. It seem years ago the weather was much more accurate and easier to predict. The weather people seemed to have greater confidence predicting storms in advance. I would think with the better technology predicting would be easier. The model runs now show storms 7-10 days in advance but end up being wrong or they disappear. Very strange how it seems like weather accuracy/advanced predictions have been worse.

  6. I loved the 91 Ice Storm. We did exactly what you aren't supposed to do, got into the car and drove around taking videos. It was awesome. By the third day with no power and three little kids though, not so much fun LOL. Other great storms: Blizzard of 66 (stranded for a week in North Greece) Blizzards of 76 and 77. 93 was good, but actually I was a little disappointed in that one. Worst storm: the Peter Chaston non-storm of 78. Sent home from school because of the "wall of snow" and then literally nothing. Horrible. Worst weather nightmare LOL. I'm sure Peter Chaston wasn't happy with that one either (chief meteorologist when Rochester still had a weather service at the airport) Ah, the good ole days......

  7. I was only a little kid for the blizzard of 77. Outside of standing in the middle of a fairway with a 5 iron in my hands during a thunderstorm... it is the only weather that ever scared me. Laying in the cold and dark listening to the house moan and groan was pretty scary way back then. The snow drift that was as high as the side of the house was the coolest thing to play in though. I could actually go sledding in our perfectly flat yard.

  8. It is amazing that looking out 1-2 weeks there is nothing as far as storms go. Why is there no storms? What is the scientific reason as to the lack of storms still. The flowers are starting to come out at my house. It really is amazing!!!!

  9. The Ice Storm of 2003 was just as bad in Wayne Co. as 1991 was in the Rochester metro. I lost power for three days, and the school I teach at was closed for the entire week. My house got as cold as 37 degrees, and I remember warm up food in a saucepan on the stove, something I had never done before (pretty much my entire life has consisted of heating up food in the microwave). My parents had a good laugh when I asked them how to heat up previously cooked food without a microwave!! The worst part was, following the 3/4" -1" of ice, the temperature dropped to 19 degrees and stayed cold the next couple of days. Nothing melted, so clean-up was difficult. Good times.


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