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Friday, March 2


Written by John DiPasquale:

Quiet & nice this afternoon, but tonight we will have some rain, possibly heavy at times develop, with a couple of embedded gusty t-storms possible accompanying a warm front. We will not get into the heart of the warm sector, but we should squeak into some of the very mild air briefly late tonight/very early Saturday before it quickly gets knocked out of here by a fast moving, strong cold front. Temperatures will likely spike into the 50s tonight briefly before dropping back into the low & mid 40s by daybreak Saturday. Temperatures will continue to drop into the 30s later Saturday with some sun. However, the biggest story late tonight through eary Saturday night will not be the temperature drop, but the strong, possibly damaging wind gusts that could exceed 60 or 65 mph out of the west-southwest during the period!! Some downed trees, scattered power outages & property damage is a distinct possibility if these winds are realized, which it looks like they will be.

After the crazy winds late tonight through early Saturday night, it will turn much colder & some minor lake snows will fly at times late Saturday night through the start of Monday. At this point, it appears only minor accumulations will occur, especially for those of you that live north of the Thruway. If something changes, though, Stacey Pensgen will update this forecast. Either way, it will be blustery & feeling like mid-winter Sunday & Monday with highs in only in the mid 20s to around 30, & wind chills in the single digits & teens during the period! Temperatures will then likely warm big time by the middle of next week! Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend bloggers & be careful out there late tonight & Saturday!


  1. I have a bad feeling about this "Classic" Damaging Wind Storm, as the NWS is calling it.

    I think a lot of people do not realize the damage this storm will cause.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see people without power for days if not a week or two.

    The ground is very wet now, and with expected sustained winds of 40-50mph with frequent gusts of 60-70 mph, it will not take much for many trees to become uprooted and take out power lines.

    I wonder if RGE is on alert. They will have their work cut out for them tomorrow.

    Be safe everyone.

  2. I have aquestion about TEXT ALERTS. When a warning is issued by the NWS why isn't a text alert sent from your station. Being a driver of a high profile vehicle and the impending forecast, being advised of HIGH winds would be of great help. I have checked all the appropriate boxes when I signed up for text alerts.

    Just wondering what your criteria might be on this matter.
    Tom H.

  3. Winter is still showing signs of sticking around...

  4. After Monday I am not sure what you are seeing. I cant see us getting anymore more snow of any significance. Maybe a trace here or there. I dont see the signs you see, but who knows.

  5. Ok so maybe one of the pros can answer this any truth to the winter of 1932 being so cold that Niagara falls froze solid? Read it in an email and can't really believe it.

  6. Not an expert, but I believe that is semi-accurate... The catch is that while the falls did freeze over, there was still streams of water flowing over the falls, but they were fairly insignificant. So, I would imagine if one was from afar, the falls would have looked completely frozen, which is unbelievable!

  7. This link contains information about the falls freezing (or not, as the case may be) and a cool photo from the 1800's of people on the ice.

  8. That was interesting! Thanks Larid :)

    1. Quite welcome! The river and falls fascinate me...I spend a fair bit of time there in the winter. It's one of the best places in North America to see larids. :)

  9. Thanks for the info on falls


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