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Tuesday, July 17

Crazy Heat Again Today!

Written by John DiPasquale:

Dangerous heat & humidity has prompted the NWS out of Buffalo to issue a Heat Advisory for much of the viewing area up until 6pm this evening, including the Greater Rochester area.  As you can see in the graphic above heat indices are well up into the 90s to low 100s at noon!  It will only get a bit worse during the afternoon.  Be careful out there if you have to be out through the early evening. 

A cold front will slip through late tonight into Wednesday morning with a few showers & storms possible tonight into Wednesday morning, but overall it looks like the mainly dry weather pattern will stick around over the next several days.  The good news is that the heat & humidity will break nicely later Wednesday & especially Wednesday night through the start of the weekend with highs in the 70s & low 80s!  Ahhh!!!  Can't wait!  Now hopefully we can get some widespread storms/rain with &/or ahead of the front, but have them not be too strong.  Not looking too good right now.  Stay tuned to News 8 for the latest on the cooler weather around the corner & to find out if there's any significant rain in the somewhat near future. 

Have a good day WNY!


  1. Hamlin Highway WorkerJuly 17, 2012 at 5:23 PM

    We often see extended periods of dry weather this time of year, but this is starting to get alittle too extended. Could this hot and dry patern continue through Aug. Everyone waited for the winter patern to swing, it never did it took a change in season before we saw any change. I have a feeling this drought will be one we all remember. The "DUST BOWL" of 2012, very exciting, we will see.

  2. Agreed... Im in Hilton, havent seen rain in over 4 weeks. Since those big thunderstorms in early june...

  3. Not much more than a tenth of an inch last night in Lyons. It's been bone dry here since mid June.

  4. The storms looked impressive on radar at 10pm last night and then they died as they moved inland. We received nothing in West Central Wayne County.

  5. I heard one of the mets last night say that August will be cooler than July. How can you make that statement and be confident it will be. It could be even hotter.

  6. I also have seen that August will be much cooler and wetter than July.

    I am no weather person, but what I have seen through long range models, is that it will be a sharp contrast heading into August.

    Get the lawn mowers ready again.


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