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Tuesday, September 11


Written By:  Scott Hetsko

Although our yearly rainfall is about normal for a typical year, take away the above 4 days and we would be about 7" below normal!  These were the 4 wettest days in Rochester since June, otherwise our Summer has been sunny and very warm.  Our weather in the days ahead will continue to be on the sunny side with a nice warm up to boot.  Temperatures will reach the 80s Wednesday through Friday.  Showers coming this weekend should be on the light side.


  1. Some areas in Western New York Recieved far less than Rochester's totals. Here in Hamlin I would say we were less than half of those totals. I dont have the exact totals, however I remember the most I had measured in the gauge all summer was just over one inch on 9/4. Very dry!

    The Lake Ontario level is lower than I have ever saw it. I know the level is controled by locks in the St. Lawerence River, but the lack of rainfall must play some role in the level.

  2. Up until recently, most lakeshore areas have been especially dry. We did get a good 4-5" from last week's remnants of Isaac though, and another 1" or so last Saturday. Lakes and reservoirs in Central and Northern NY are as low as they have been in years.


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