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Tuesday, November 20

Thankful for the Nice Weather!

Written by John DiPasquale:

Us meteorologists are still snoozing away, which is a very good thing for most everyone else.  High pressure sprawled across the Northeast & Great Lakes will keep us protected through the start of Friday, before the strong cold front on the map entering the Upper Great Lakes Thursday blows through late Friday with a few showers.  Behind the front, scattered snow showers & a few squalls possibly mixed with rain Saturday morning will be with us for the first part of the weekend followed by a chill & some sun to finish the weekend.  So yes, it looks like we may see a bit of snow Saturday, but I do not see any major weather problems to really hamper travel too much over the weekend, with Sunday being the better of the two weekend days.

Next week at this point looks like it could get kind of interesting, especially middle of the week with some kind of storm, but of course it's way too early to speculate on precip type or amount all dependent on storm track.  Stay tuned to News 8 for the latest.

Also, our News 8 Winter Ready special will be re-airing in its entirety @ 530 Wednesday evening on
News 8. 


  1. The GFS has the next Tuesday Wednesday storm going to our WEst which is now in line with Euro. I know a storm moving West of us shocks everyone because that never happens. It will not be snow it will be rain with a very brief shot of cold air after that.

  2. This is going to be the pattern all winter like it was last winter. I am on record as saying the winters will be very similar. Last winter everyone would say there is a pattern change coming and it never happen. Same thing happening now people saying there will be cold air and a pattern change. Not going to happen the pattern has changed the last few years and we are no longer in a region where we will get big storms more winter rain than ever.

  3. I agree Andrew. It will be storms to our West and a few South and East. We will have few bouts of cold and snow, but it will not last.

  4. You two are collectively the most depressing thing I've seen in awhile outside of sports. Not because I think you're right, but because you've been so persistently negative it actually sickens me. Especially you Anonymous, give it a rest already. Yes, we already know with 100% certainty no doubt whatsoever that this will be the warmest most snowless winter of all time, based purely on the month of November and a few very anomalous seasons before this one. Guess it's time for everyone to throw in the towel, put away the skis snowboards shovels and snowblowers, and join Anonymous and Andrew at NoWinter Mopefest 2012.

    Or we can all relax and take in the weather as it comes to us, discuss it as it happens and cut the complaining about it. I can see that you both want an exciting and snowy winter pattern, as do I. But moping about there not being one yet won't make it so. The truth is that neither of you know jack about how the Winter of 2012-2013 is going to go. Neither do I, nor does anyone else, though they can try their hardest to give us an idea. But here you are, acting like you've seen the future and have the whole thing down already. My advice to you both: take a few steps back, put the pity party hats away, and try some patience. Winter will come at SOME point in the near or distant future, that much is certain.

    By the way, the last few runs of the GFS are both south and east of the 0z run with next week's storm. Take that for what it's worth, which is very little at this time range given the volatility of the models in handling the coming pattern.

    I apologize for the rant, but I'm sick of the constant negativity so early in the season.

    What a gorgeous autumn day :)

    1. Spoken like a true Meteorologist, is this Scott, John, or Stacey. Nicely said, save the complaints for the end of the season and just enjoy what ever weather we are given this 2012-2013 season.

  5. Thanks for the rant Anonymous.. this blog becomes unreadable sometimes and you said pretty much what I wanted to say.

    Looks to me that the polar vortex gets split. Just have to see where the cold settles.

  6. Next week RAIN. Storm to our West.

  7. Tomorrow, sunny and 60, NO STORM AT ALL, very nice.

  8. This storm is going to be close but we should see at least some snow at the tail end if it does go west of us... Way too early to tell! And for those who are going to be negative and say "told you it would go west", this is the time of season where we do see mid-west cutters that go historically travel west of us, so no one should be surprised!!!

  9. What about tomorrow night Syracuse calling for 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow night into Saturday from the clipper and LES? Are we in Rochester going to get any snow?

  10. Not sure about this weekend but that storm mid week looks like it is pretty weak. So whether rain or snow it is no big deal.

  11. Good tag line. I am thankful for the nice weather. We have several family members traveling and not worrying about a weather disaster is a luxury.
    Enjoy the beautiful day folks! Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Looks like it won't be a cutter..

  13. I'd also bet on a cold 1st half of December. -NAO and a PNA ridge dumping cold air into the US.

  14. The cold looks to be very short lived after nect week. It looks like the pattern will shift to a trough in teh West and Ridge in the east.


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