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Monday, May 6

Great to Start the Week, but May Turn Later this Week

Written by John DiPasquale:

Yes, the upper level storm that produced the snow & rain storm last week will slowly pivot & work it's way to the north-northeast & should deliver more clouds & a decent chance of a few scattered showers & storms later Wednesday & Thursday.  A good amount of dry time should exist Wednesday & Thursday, though, so don't go canceling your outdoor plans if you have some.  Just keep an eye to the sky & have an umbrella nearby.

On Friday, a fairly weak cold front will slide through with a few showers/storm possible & cooler temperatures will blow in too for the end of the week.  The mother's day weekend should start mild with a couple of showers possible, but end quite chilly with a little rain possible during the morning on mom's day itself.  Fingers crossed that mother nature will cooperate for mom's day!  Stay tuned throughout the week, as we will update things as new info comes in.

Have a great day & enjoy the awesome weather out there today! 



  1. Channel 9 weather, during their 7 day forecast, had a gloomy prediction for week's end - potential for rain, with daytime temps struggling to get to low 50's.

    If so, does anyone see this as a long term pattern?

    1. Yes i would say looks like a cold spring and a cool summer ahead.When you are talking low 30's and wind chill factors in May i would say something is very wrong weather wise.

  2. It does not look like a lot of rain by an means. Most of it will pass to our east, but it will get cool and more cloudy and gloomy. Back to the typical Rochester weather. We have been very spoiled the last week.

  3. Hopefully the cooldown is brief and we can quickly return to what we've been getting for the past week or so. We really do need the rain though, maybe as the humidity rises towards later in the month we'll start getting some more widespread thunderstorms.

  4. Looks like it's may dip down to the 20's/30's sunday night and into monday morning... Then it looks to rebound but become a bit more active.

  5. I hate rain and clouds!!!!

  6. I hope everyone remember it has been brutally sunny for ten days.

  7. 54 degrees!? That's going to feel like mid winter after this recent stretch.

  8. I'll say it,this weather is BULL SH*T!Here we are the 12th of May and we are in the low 50's and lows at night in the 30's.Thank you global warming.


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