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Thursday, March 13


Written by John DiPasquale:

Well snow lovers, the MUCH better winter of 2013-14 continues!  The blizzard of 2014 basically delivered what we thought would take place, as you can see from the measurements around the area.  All we are left with now is bitterly cold air & wind chills & limited blowing & drifting snow. 

Yes, it looks & feels more like the dead of winter in the middle of March, but the spring feel will return tomorrow, before more colder air begins to ease back in Saturday & a lot more aggressively Saturday night into Sunday!  A little snow will likely fly this weekend too, but no real significant snows are anticipated at this time.  A storm will likely develop across the south & southeast this weekend into early next week, but should stay well to the southeast of us.  An active somewhat milder pattern will attempt to set up mid to late next week with some snow &/or rain probable.  Stay tuned. 

Have a great one everyone!


  1. The sun angle being so high makes it not feel so bad outside. Snow melting on dark surfaces with temps in the teens. Clearing the driveway was a PITA.

  2. Winter is officially over and bring on the spring love. We have endured a fun winter if you like snow and cold. The establishment of the PV with unreal cold and a Blizzard the first in 15 years. A pretty historic and memorable winter now pay us back with an early spring and awesome summer Mother Nature. We are ready to move on from winter are you? I hope you are not interested in one more historic event such as an ice storm like we had one April several years ago. Time will tell but you owe us!

  3. I am sure there are some bloggers who will want to see us be in the "sweet spot" again for the possible next couples of storms, as they want to see us come in 1st place as to snow between Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo, or those who want to see their predicted snow fall total met or go over the # he/she wanted. With all the snow, just concerned about the warmer weather melting snow and ice jams. Isn't anyone ready for Spring?

  4. I love the WROC web cam. Can anyone tell me what direction it is facing?


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