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Sunday, April 13

Huge changes....

Some were critical of my using the word HUGE in my tweet about changes in our weather this week.  A 40 to 50 degree change in temperature from 3pm Monday to 3 pm Tuesday is a huge change.  Just because you assume we are referring to snow that's your problem.   What is it that is said about assuming?

Anyway as we have said all along, any snow will be slushy and not significant.  Temps will struggle to reach 40 on Wednesday after morning lows in the 20s.  Don't plant your annuals just yet!

Scott Hetsko


  1. I just find it amazing that we are talking about snow on April 16th after we have had 5 days in the 70s and 2 days in the 80s. I just want spring to be here to stay so that my front yard is not full of mud and slop anymore.

  2. I've seen it snow in May, where it weighed down the flowers that had bloomed. I remember playing in a band the opened for Herman's Hermits at the Lilac Fest and it snowed.
    This is Rochester afterall. I also have to say that CCCC is 100% right. He is not forecasting anything. He's just passing on what's already there. I also don't understand why people are so critical of our local Met's. They all do a great job.

    1. Westsider -- totally agree with you about CCCC and our local Met's. It seems on this blog if you relay information which you they have reported or posted and it is something that people don't like you are told to "stop misinforming people"; don't know what you are talking about, etc. I always believe that it is good to hear different bloggers opinions about what they see and how they interpret the various websites and maps they view. I account this to the 7-months that people have been couped up due to the cold and snow of winter -- some are just grumpy.

  3. CCCC does nothing but basically plagiarize what the NWS says , I'm pretty sure most bloggers on here can read and view a website... LOL.


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