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Sunday, September 7

How hurricanes hurt oil... and your wallet!

Written by: Bob Metcalfe

That's it, I'm giving Brian a break! That guy has been working tirelessly on these blogs with the seemingly non-stop tropical action we've been getting. My turn now, but I'll change gears.

I love knowing things most people don't. Even if its useless, or semi-useless, as long as it can carry a convo (or start one) then I'm interested in it.

Food for thought: you've heard and seen that gas prices go up when bad hurricanes skim the northern Gulf. You may have heard all about it during our most recent run-in with Gustav. But why? Where is the worst spot for a hurricane to hit? Well, the picture at left shows you Gustav's path prediction at one point heading straight for southeast Louisiana, along with the offshore drilling spots he could affect. He went in a pretty busy area, but fortunately his strength wasn't considered "devastating" by their standards. I never knew there was that many oil interests in such a small area, but it goes to show you just how critical that area is. I found all this information out on a website I recently found called "The Oil Drum", which is a discussion area for energy and the future of it. I found some pretty cool stuff I have to admit, and it really gets interesting when the weather in the Gulf heads south... no pun intended. So take a gander at the website, bookmark it, and maybe even visit there every once in a while. If nothing else, you may find a topic worth mentioning at the water cooler on Monday. Wait, does anyone still talk at the water cooler?

You can get to "The Oil Drum" by clicking here.

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