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Monday, December 8

Harsh Winter Air May Take A Vacation

Written By: Scott Hetsko

As my favorite singer Steve Perry would say, "Don't Stop Believing" in a white Christmas but the long range forecast does not look great for lots of snow. The map shows the long range surface temperature forecast for from December 15th through the 22nd. There will likely be a broad trough digging into our nations West which will lead to a ridge in the East.

If this scenario holds, look for above average temperatures and little chances for snow here in the Northeast. I must stress that it's difficult for us to predict 7 days, let alone 14 days. For example, last week's forecast for Tuesday was for the potential of cold and snow. We'll have mid 40s and rain! Don't worry...we still have plenty of time to get a fresh snow on the ground to help Santa out!


  1. Hey Scott,,,We are wondering how the CROW tastes,,and how many driveways you will be shoveling tonight? We recieved much more than a tracer of snow in Canandaigua last night!

  2. Hi Mary Ann: That prediction was for Rochester not for you in Canandaigua. Last night I forecasted a few inches for your area. How much did you get?

    Scott Hetsko


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