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Thursday, November 24

What a Nice Thanksgiving Day Treat!

Written by John DiPasquale:


The rest of our Thanksgiving Day will be very nice with a good deal of sun, but I am beginning to question how mild it will actually get Friday & Saturday. Why is that? Well, as of the writing of this blog out to the west across the Lower Great Lakes, Midwest & Ohio River Valley there is quite a bit of low cloud cover hanging around keeping it much cooler than it would otherwise be. The low clouds are slowly burning off, but are pretty persistent. With that being said, the same air mass that's over areas to the West experiencing all the low clouds will be over us late tonight into Friday & Saturday. This is why low 60s may be tough to achieve tomorrow & Saturday. Essentially, what's happening out to the West is the unseasonably mild air aloft is moving over the colder ground and air near the surface which is what's producing the low clouds. Here's an analogy for you. A cold glass of water sitting out in warmer room temperature air. What happens? Condensation/water droplets form on the outside of the glass. This is what's happening in the lower levels of the atmosphere & because of the inversion set up with the warm air on top of the cold air mixing the low level clouds out isn't going so smooth. There's also quite a bit of moisture in the soil after Tuesday night & Wednesday morning's soaker adding more moisture to the lower levels of the atmosphere. Therefore I still expect it to be mild, but I really think it will probably only warm into the mid 50s, instead of the 60s tomorrow & Saturday. If we luck out & see a good deal of sun on the other hand & can mix down more of the warmer, drier air down to the surface than I think we will then 60+ degree temperatures will happen. We'll see, but I wanted to at least give everyone a heads up that it may be cloudier than not tomorrow & Saturday. We should see at least a limited amount of sun both days, but the sun & warmth will likely be somewhat held at bay because of the reasons stated above.

Come Sunday, a cold front will push some showers through that could end as a period of wet snow late in the day or Sunday evening, as another storm may develop along the cold front to the East. There may even be a bit of accumulation late Sunday through Sunday night, especially over the high terrain. Stay tuned for updates throughout the holiday weekend regarding this potential. That being said, you may want to leave wherever you are staying Sunday earlier instead of later. We will keep you posted.

After the weekend there should be a seasonable chill, some wind & a few spotty rain and/or snow showers around through Wednesday.

Have a great day & rest of your Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Anyone see the Euro!? It's all over the place which is pretty rare to see!

  2. Yes, Bman I also thought the Euro was a little out of whack too, but GFS is now also pointing toward a similar solution! Therefore, cold front will probably hold off until maybe Monday night/Tuesday with a bit of snow in the air later Tuesday into Wednesday.

    Have a great weekend Bman!



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