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Sunday, December 11

Where is the Snow??

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

As we head into our second week in December, the snow lovers are wondering, "where's the snow?" - and the weather, for that matter!

At this point last year, we had already recorded over 2 feet of snow (27.7", to be exact) on our way to a record-setting month. So far this year, we've recorded a dismal 1.8" of the white stuff at the airport. In reality, we aren't that far off from where we should be. On average, we should be at just over a half of a foot of snow so far for the month of December. But, the warmer than average temperatures certainly haven't helped matters. The month of December has been 4 degrees warmer than normal, with only 1 day so far staying below freezing (the day we recorded all 1.8" of snow this month).

The good or bad news - this upcoming week will be another one with above average temperatures, with most (if not every work day this week) hitting 40 degrees or higher.

Looking for some snow? We may get another quick shot of cold air next weekend, but it appears as if that will be short lived. Looking for a white Christmas? You may have to go to the ski resorts! That is, if they can keep their snow...


  1. Stacey, everyone is looking for some good news for once, not depressing posts like this last one... Do you truly feel we have no shot for a white Christmas?

  2. Santa better bring presents this year, because this guy isn't buying anything with this weather.

  3. Well, it looks like we are having yet ANOTHER, cloudy, dreary day in Rochester today! It is so cloudy in Rochester all the time!

  4. Ugh. Can't you adjust the inputs to your fancy-dancy computer model and get us some good news?

  5. Dreary?? Today and yesterday are/ were gorgeous. Clear blue skies, cold but tolerable temps--perfect winter days---AND NO SNOW making it even better.
    So far Andrew has been right--storms to the west keeping us "warm". Let's hope it continues. I'll take a brown - no- travel- hassles- Christmas over the usual misery anytime.


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