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Friday, January 13

Yes, It Is Friday the 13th

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

Well, winter arrived - on Friday, January 13th. We've been in the "sweet spot" of the storm all morning, seeing a steady, moderate to heavy snow since about 4:30AM. We'll stay in the steady snow through mid-afternoon, but we won't see huge numbers.

The flakes are fine, creating that heavy, sugary snow. Gusty winds blowing that around, plus the combination of the wet ground from the overnight and plummeting temps, plus an icy glaze from about 10 minutes of ice pellets under the snow are really the big players in this system.

We're still waiting on that monster storm, but this one certainly wreaked havoc on our morning commute, and finally brought us all some decent snow.


  1. Michele in PenfieldJanuary 13, 2012 at 11:17 AM

    You can get to the blog if you click on Hetsko's weather blog icon on Facebook, but not much luck if you go to the homepage and try to get on it from there, you still get a blank screen. Hopefully it will be back up and running soon so we can see all the "regulars" on the blog. I miss them!!

    What a commute this morning, even though we didn't get huge #'s for snowfall, the cold, windy conditions made driving a safe everyone!

    Scott & crew, will we see any significant lake effect later Friday into Saturday?

  2. Somewhere between 3 to 5, 4 to 6 inches in Lyons as of this writing.
    Hard to tell with all the snow blowing around.

  3. Golly gee what fun.

    1. News report this morning:
      In all, 1,380 people called 911 between midnight Thursday and 10 a.m. Friday in Monroe County. Most of those calls came in between 7 and 9 a.m.

      Yeah, this snow stuff is a blast.

    2. The snow is a blast, but people have to be smart.

      Probably could have cut those calls by more than half if people did any one of the following:
      1. leave early for work
      2. stay home or work from home if possible
      3. good snow tires on car
      4. slow down
      5. pay attention and be conservative

      I have a feeling it looked like amateur hour out their this morning.

    3. What would also help is if the plows and salt trucks had gotten out before rush hour. I drive almost the entire length of 250 (a major road), and the conditions were terrible all the way. Didn't see a single truck the entire route. They've only been talking about this storm for three days - why was this a surprise? It started snowing at 4 am, and by 8 am the roads in Webster hadn't been touched. Terrible response, just terrible.

    4. Good point about the plows and salt trucks. This had been talked about for days. And its not like the towns had used up their salt and fuel budgets on snow this winter.

  4. It is lightly snowing in Newark. I would estimate about inches so far. But, the roads are slick and I had to break out the winter weather driving skills that were put away since last march. How much lake snow will we be getting after this event is done.

  5. This is as close as it gets to blizzard conditions without technically being one! Had a 1/4 mile visibility for 3 hours, just needed winds over 35 mph.

  6. Will it EVER stop snowing? Will the sun EVER come back? Will Spring EVER come? It is always cloudy in Rochester.

  7. I certainly doubled my year to date snowfall at my house. Neat little storm.

  8. I can see a Georgian Bay connection setting up across Ontario, near Toronto. Think it will get to Monroe County?? :) :)

  9. Great to finally see some snow around here today. For those of you having trouble viewing the comments, switch to Firefox for browsing and you should be ok.

  10. Google Chrome seems to be working ok now as well.

  11. I hate to say this but this storm was not "hyped" very much, especially by Scott and crew. He called it a nuisance snow last night on the 5 or 6pm report, no big deal......... Well driving in it was a big deal this morning and I wonder if people took it lightly b/c it wasnt hyped........


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