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Monday, March 12


Written by John DiPasquale:

MILD, MILD, MILD!! It appears spring is here to stay for a long while now. As the graphic to the left states, temperatures will likely average about 15 to 25 degrees above average this week & beyond, & may even go higher than that come Sunday into next week!! The exception might be Wednesday, & also up near the lakeshore where a lake breeze will occur when the average wind speed is below 10 mph. There will be a little rain late today through Tuesday morning, & again possibly Thursday night into Friday. Other than that, it appears most of the rest of the week into the holiday weekend will be dry. So if you have plans to celebrate St. Patty's Day this weekend it looks very good right now.


  1. Two weeks of May in March? Has there been anything like this in Rochester - ever? The sheer duration seems like it could be a warm spell for the record books.

  2. NWS indicates we could get real warm around here this coming weekend and into next week.
    Scott, you said a while back that we would see our first 70 degree day this month. Any thoughts about possibly hitting 80 this month?

  3. I'm glad that Scott noted the problem of everything "popping early" this spring - meaning this early warmth could really jump start our growing season. While it seems great to most, the problem is, we will almost certainly see a frost or hard freeze into April. In fact, we can get frosty right into May. Let's hope that our flowers and trees don't all start to bloom, and then a hard freeze wipes them out. Our region isn't supposed to bloom this early.

  4. 70's starting Sunday into next week. Unbelievable.

  5. So what do you thin, is spring here to stay? I understand some weather outlets are saying old man winter might come roaring back the last week of march or the first week of April. John, do you have any thoughts on this?


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