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Tuesday, April 24

Here we go again....

Written By:  Scott Hetsko

We'll have to watch closely another area of low pressure tracking just South of New York state on Saturday.  Enough cold air will be nearby for a wintry mix of rain and snow in the elevations of the Southern Tier.

At this point, Rochester may remain rain or snow free but it's only Tuesday!  The exact track is not set in stone.  Either way, we will remain cooler than average the rest of April and early May.


  1. Interesting that Scott is posting this early about something to watch. He usually never does that. However, I for what it is worth do not see this one at all. The system will be suppressed south and does not appear to have a lot of moisture. Just do not see this as much just an opinion based on looking at the current models. But Scott weighing in this early is interesting.

  2. Andrew you are correct! Scott said last night on his forecast that the weekend should be good and we are safe from any rain or wet snow.

  3. Man you were right again Andrew. Any storm looks suppressed south and minimal moisture. Not sure where you get your data from but you are right on track a great deat. Are you a weather guy?

  4. I 110% agree with Chris about Andrew's forecasts. He was the only one who got last winter correct, he correctly forecast the very mild rainy winter in early Dec. All 3 local mets AND NWS got it wrong. My hat's off to Andrew.


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