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Thursday, May 17

Cool to Very Warm Come the Weekend

Written by John DiPasquale:

After a late April & May feel will be with us through Friday, a July feel will evolve for the weekend, except near Lake Ontario where it will be much cooler thanks to a lake breeze developing off the 50 degree water. 

The weekend will be mainly dry with just a slight risk for a shower/storm possible late Sunday, but overall your outdoor plans should be golden through the weekend whatever they may entail.  Highs both days will be in the 80s!  Stay hydrated, cool & be sure to have sunscreen applied. 

The cold front to the west over the Plains on the map above will slowly work this way & it appears it will make it here in a somewhat weakened fashion late Monday/Tuesday with scattered showers & storms expected.  Behind the front, we should cool off to more seasonable levels by the middle of next week.

Have a great day & enjoy the refreshingly cool air out there today WNY!



  1. When will the sun be back? All this cloudy, gray, rainy weather is so depressing. ROCWhine

  2. Happy Friday WNY!

    Not sure where you are Anonymous, but if you are here, I love the sarcasm! LOL! If you are not here, then you should come back to WNY! The weather will be perfect for the rest of today, & nice & summery for the weekend, as high pressure to the east remains in firm control of our weather. If you don't like the heat this weekend developing then head up to Lake Ontario to cool off, as it will be much cooler near the lake thanks to the lake breeze.

    The warmest day will likely be Sunday with highs in the mid 80s, & we should get a sneak peak at the partial solar eclipse Sunday evening right before sunset between about 820 & 835 in the northwest horizon. The best place to view full eclipse will be across the Southwest, especially in Southern California.

    Next week will slowly cool down through mid week with a few showers & storms possible late Monday, but more likely Tuesday & probably Wednesday the way it looks now. Temps will cool out of the 80s & into the 70s during the early to mid week time frame.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

    News 8
    Meteorologist (AMS Seal)
    John DiPasquale

  3. Just wanted to share something that took my breath away this evening on Lake Ontario near Point Breeze.
    I've seen temperature inversions tons of times on the lake, mostly daytime and it's usually a fuzzy mirage. However traveling west on the Lake Ontario State Parkway west of the Kendall exit @ 9:20 pm I take a peek at the lake and am awestruck thinking it's a flotilla of fishing boats, but wait, no the lights are not moving. I drive along the shoulder, get a better view on top of a bridge. I realize I am seeing the lights of Cobourg!
    @ 9:30pm I'm at our family's cottage just off Lakeshore Rd. @ 1.2 miles east of Point Breeze and take out the binoculars and a telescope and confirm that those are fixed lights, not boats. The only 2 flashing lights I see on the horizon are the red lights signaling ports on the Canadian side. Totally awesome since all these years I've only seen an aura at night from Canada, not bright distinct lights.

  4. VERY COOL!! Gotta love the Looming Effect (Inversion)! Very impressive to see! I've seen it a couple times myself Anonymous. Thanks for the report!

    Have a great day!



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