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Friday, June 29

Stays Dry with Big Heat Staying South

Written by John DiPasquale:

The brutal, searing heat will stay just off to our south through the weekend & the start of next week thanks to a series of weak cold fronts coming through over the next 3 or 4 days.  Thank you jet stream aloft for not ridging too much over us, & weak series of cold fronts for keeping it more temperate compared to areas south!  90s & 100s will be felt just to the south over the next few days, while we will be in the mid 80s to around 90 through Sunday, with Sunday being the coolest day between now & Monday. 

Another stronger cold front is slated to move across the area late Sunday night into Monday with a few showers & storms possible.  Otherwise, the weekend looks mainly dry, & for the most part the next week or so looks dry!  This is great news for your outdoor plans for the upcoming weekend & holiday, but boy it has been super dry lately!  Check out the graphic above!  Not even a half an inch since June 12th here in Rochester!  The drier pattern looks to stick around too right through the first part of July, so keep on watering that lawn & plants.

Stay cool & enjoy your day & weekend WNY!



  1. Good on the heat staying south and good on NO rain.

  2. Can you guys post the radar time lapse of those insane storms in the midwest and DC area. It would be cool to see a national and regional radar of the storms developing and moving east....

  3. Agree with Anon above---dryer the better. Grass has stopped growing, it's like a vacation!
    Great summer all in all so far, hope it keeps up into December.

  4. Bring back the SNOW! Meteorlogical autumn only 2 months from today!!

  5. The NWS is stating that we could see heavy rain on Wednesday. Is this true? I thought it was supposed to be a dry week.


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