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Friday, July 6

Heat & Humidity Exit Come Sunday

Written by John DiPasquale:

Phew!!  It's hot & steamy out there!  Take it easy & try not to overexert yourself out there through early evening, as a Heat Advisory is in effect until 7PM this evening with temperatures soaring well into the 90s and the heat index hovering around 100+ for much of the afternoon!  Brutal!!

We will remain in this steamy air mass through Saturday, but temperatures should be a bit lower Saturday due to more clouds developing & a few scattered showers & storms developing later in the day, but likely not for all of us.  Even though there will likely not be many storms around Saturday/Saturday night, any storm that does develop could become strong to severe.  Stay tuned to News 8 into the weekend for the very latest. 

The cold front come on through Saturday night, & in it's wake it will be a breath of fresh air for sure to finish the weekend with much lower humidity levels & highs back into the 70s for most!  Boy is that going to feel great! 

The nice n' comfy air will stick around right through the first half of next week too with more sun!  We are getting dry, & could use some significant rain, but it does not look like that is in the cards for the next week or so anyways.  Stay tuned. 

Have a nice day & weekend & do what you can to stay cool!       


  1. Wow, what a week coming up. Sunny everyday with no rain in sight. We had about .07 yesterday. Very little, but not complaining. This is perfect.

  2. Once again being told cooler weather coming but temp already in the low 80's and climbing.Paper was forecastring a high of 79 and it's 82 out and it's only 9:17 in the morning.Come to expect the forecast to be wrong but a right forecast would be welcome once in a while.


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