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Wednesday, September 19

Foliage Should Be Vibrant This Fall

Written By:  Scott Hetsko

Although much of the Summer was dry, a mild drought can enhance colors in some trees come fall.  We expect the season to be a week or so shorter but bright here in Western New York and the Finger Lakes.  Expect to see color as soon as early next week in the higher elevations South of Rochester.  Up in Northern New York, peak will occur in late September.

Weather will be cool tonight and early Thursday morning, enjoy!


  1. AS much as I love the summer that we have had it is nice to see a change of season. Bring on the gloomy fall days. Any preliminary thoughts on what we MIGHT expect this winter

  2. Same as last winter I fear.

  3. Its very rare to have two winters like that in a row.

  4. No the foliage will NOT be vibrant this fall. Every year it is more and more dull and brown, because air pollution is slowly killing the trees:


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