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Thursday, September 20

Temps Fall with the Arrival of Fall this Weekend

Written by John DiPasquale:

After feeling the coldest temperatures we've felt since the morning of May 18th, this afternoon will be more seasonable with highs rebounding into the low 70s thanks to a gusty southerly breeze & abundant sun that will mix with some high clouds to finish out the day!  Nice 30+ degree recovery today!  Enjoy!

Friday will be another 70 to 75 degree day & breezy, but it will feature many more clouds & a few scattered showers/storm, especially during the late morning & afternoon.  Plenty of dry time will be around, though, to end the week.  The cold front providing a few showers/storm in spots Friday will essentially stall over us or just to the east later Friday into Friday night.  The stalled front will then act as train tracks for an area of low pressure to track up along coming up from the South.  This will lead to a steadier, heavier rain late Friday night into Saturday morning.  Come Saturday afternoon we should dry up some, with possibly even a few rays of sun!  Highs will be in the upper 60s to around 70 Saturday, but then will come a stronger cold front sweeping through on the backside of an intensifying storm pulling off to the northeast Saturday night into Sunday.  This will cause readings to drop into the mid & upper 50s for highs Sunday, along with a gusty west-northwest wind and a scattering of lake showers.  Yes, the first full day of fall Sunday will feel more like late October rather than late September!  Fall officially arrives at 1049am on Saturday.

The air will slowly warm some early next week.  Stay tuned for updates over the next few days on this blog & on News 8.     


  1. Are there any predictions yet about our winter? Just have not noticed if anyone has weighed in on how they feel the winter will be for Rochester. Last year was pretty meek around here.

  2. Are the weather people ever right? Last week on Friday a chance of a shower and the same today. Many dry periods have not seen it! It must be great to just predict what you want and have no acountability.

  3. What do you think showers are? By definition, they are scattered (not everyone gets them) and short in duration. We have HUGE accountability with our audience and a little rating company which grades our forecast everyday

    Scott Hetsko

  4. I agree with Scott. This group of Mets does a great job. I count on them more than any other weather outlet.

  5. Scott and Crew, How do you deal with the public?

    The problem with the forecast's are the interpretations people put on them. The forecast's are usually very accurate, but can be missinterpretated. I often here it at work, that forecast sucked, I try to deffend forecasters, but people ONLY HERE THE PARTS OF THE FORECAST THAT THEY WANT.

    We dont need better forecasters,WE NEED SMARTER PEOPLE. IF PEOPLE LIKE JAMES WERE JUST A TOUCH BRIGHTER, there would not be much of a problem with the forecasts. Not going to happen.

    Good luck Scott.

  6. Well said Hamlin Worker! Keep up the good work Scottie and crew!

  7. As I sit here in Penn Yan with constant rain since about 10:30 this morning, I wonder when meteorologists will stop relying simply on "future cast"...Penn Yan will receive 0.0 rainfall for Sunday as reported on the late news last night!


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