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Wednesday, October 31

Lingering Effects From Sandy

Written by John DiPasquale:

After a pretty uneventful Halloween with just a few spotty, spooky showers into this evening, some wrap around moisture should blow in late tonight into Thursday, & likely linger right into Saturday with some assistance from Lake Ontario too.  The air should also become cold enough to support the scattered rain showers mixing with, if not at times changing to snow showers from late Thursday night into the start of the weekend.  The sky should begin to brighten some later Saturday, & by Sunday the sun will attempt to make somewhat of an appearance.  Highs during the stretch will be mainly in the 40s, with the coldest days likely being Friday & Saturday.

More cold air will try to sneak in behind a backdoor cold front for early next week, & then we also MAY have to watch a storm developing in the east for the middle of next week??  Still a long ways out...Stay tuned to News 8 for updates.   

Happy Halloween WNY!!!


  1. Definitely going to be something to watch, but even if that doesn't get organized, models are hinting at a closed low over hudson bay developing, bringing down some fairly cold air...

  2. Get those shovels out early my friends!!!

    Im back! :-)

  3. David is back!Glad you are what are your thougths about this winter? We missed you on the blog. I have afeeling since you are back strong we will get a couple big snowstorms this winter. Welcome back.

  4. Hahaha Who knows about this winter, one rule I follow is that, nature always finds a way to balance things out.... Time will tell my friend..

  5. News 8 team must be tired from Sandy. No posts since yesterday? Think we have to keep an eye on middle of next week. Could be a little or a lot of snow? Wondering what our weather experts are thinking both the real ones and the pretend ones on this blog.


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