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Monday, October 29


Written by John DiPasquale:

Look at Sandy!!  The intense storm/hurricane with 90 mph max sustained winds with gusts b/w 110 & 120 as of 11am this morning will likely strengthen even a bit more before making landfall this evening sometime b/w 7 & 10 in Southern New Jersey.  Sandy will likely create a dangerous, life threatening storm surge of several feet from the Virginia coast to the Southern New England coastline.  The storm surge will be enhanced higher tide due to a full moon tonight too just adding insult to injury along the coast!

SANDY'S IMPACT ON US HERE IN WNY...The worst of this storm will likely impact WNY, including Rochester, b/w about 6 Monday evening through Tuesday morning.  Winds will likely become sustained b/w 35 & 45 mph with gusts from 50 to 60 mph, & possibly even a bit stronger than that along the south shore of Lake Ontario, high terrain & southern ends of the Finger Lakes.  With that being said, we do believe there will be some downed trees & tree limbs, which will lead to some power outages during this time frame.  So be sure to have back up power & light sources.  Rainfall will likely range from 1 to as much as 3 inches, & that may cause limited flooding in spots, but there should be no major flooding in the area due to falling rains.  However, along the south shore of Lake Ontario, & maybe even a bit on the south ends of the Finger Lakes, there will be some flooding, as waves of 12 to 18 feet with a few maybe even a bit higher crash ashore!

All will slowly quiet down during the day Tuesday, but it will remain a nasty day, especially through the early afternoon.  Temperatures will likely warm into the 50s late today through Tuesday, with even an outside chance of hitting 60 Tuesday thanks to warmer air being thrown in off the ocean.  The rest of the week will remain somewhat unsettled at times & brisk, including for all the little ghosts & goblins Wednesday.  Stay tuned to News 8 for all the details & updates through the rest of today & Tuesday on the web & on-air.                        


  1. Scott and his team do you think any schools will be closed tomorrow because of the storm? I have daycare and wanted to make possible plans ahead if you think it is a high liklihood.

    1. Fairport already closed for tomorrow.

  2. A lot of them are. They will probably all close. My kids are happy about that :)

  3. Winds are a little gusty but no big deal yet. I think it is funny that they are closing schools for tomorrow and nothing has even happend yet.

  4. I think this is a BIG overreaction. Why is MOnroe county in a state of emergency??

  5. Its gusty and wet here in Newark...but power is still on...its flickered but nothing major yet

  6. Are these winds going to last all night like this? Have they peaked yet?

  7. A little gusty in Wayne county but not bad at all. 10pm was supposed to be the peak of wind and it seems as if the winds are relaxing a bit.

  8. Pretty bad here in Gates. Winds are really ripping. No visible damage--yet. BUT lights are flickering. Much more of this and we'll be in the dark for sure. These gusts have to be 50+. Feel sorry for those on lake they have to be really getting it.

  9. Once again a major panic over nothing we have not seen before. All schools closed because Monroe county panics before seeing how it plays out. If it was a snowstorm I could understand. Scott once again the most accurate and on top of things. Great job Scott!

  10. Panic? I witnessed no panic by individuals or local Govt. What we did see was preparation and readiness in case it was worse than forecast. Their responsibility is be be proactive, not reactive.

    Perhaps canceling schools was a bit premature and could have been done later, but given the litigious and overly critical nature of our society, officials must be overly cautious.

    While the forecast was right on the money, the only thing that didn't seem to happen was more tree and power line damage. I don't know how you can predict that any differently than they did. Had more tree's and power lines come down we would have perceived this as significant, and schools would have been scrambling to get the word out at 4AM--perhaps when many would not have power or limited communication.

    Great job by Scott and team. You nailed the forecast.


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