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Friday, October 5

Mild to Chilly Over the Next 24 Hours

Written by John DiPasquale:

The above temperature map displays what the readings were as of noon, but notice the much colder air looming to the west & north out in Detroit, especially in Chicago, Minneapolis, International Falls!  A chunk of that chill will be blowing in a little later this afternoon & especially late tonight into the Columbus Day weekend.  It still looks like highs will only be in the mid 50s Saturday afternoon, & upper 40s to low 50s Sunday & Columbus Day.  So the Novembrrrr...chill will develop, but here's some good news for those of you that want to see the 60s return, because it looks like come Tuesday & Wednesday a more seasonable temperature regime will at least temporarily blow back in.  Latest indication do suggest, though, that another shot of cold will plunge in to end next week into next weekend.  We'll see about that, as we get closer to that time frame early next week.  Stay tuned, & have a great weekend WNY!!

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