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Wednesday, October 10


Written By:  Scott Hetsko

I was working on some graphics for our upcoming Winter Ready special today and thought I would post an image that should remind you of what Winter can be here in Rochester.  I remember this month well and it's one we will highlight in the show on November 17th.  The NAO was strongly negative during this month during a neutral oscillation pattern in the Pacific (No La Nina OR El Nino).  The result was 4 weeks of punishing cold and snow in Western New York.  It snowed at least a trace 28 days in a row and many days we record 2 to 5" each day.

Some snow covered the highways each day even with all the plowing.  Salt could not melt the snow pack with temperatures remaining in the teens and single digits on many days.  We recorded 7 days with below zero air.  The coldest morning was -12 degrees on January 10th.  Time will tell if we will have similar weather at some point this Winter.  My early thoughts are that we will have a harsh period of cold and snow but perhaps not as intense as January 2004!


  1. I remember that Winter very well. Before those unforgetable four weeks hit there was a couple days of warm with rain. We had just started framing a new house on Route 18 in Hamlin. Those working conditions where the worst i have ever saw. Lakeshore towns where well over 100 inchs that month. There where many mornings in Hamlin where there was more than 12 inchs that fell the night before. The snow banks on the sides of our roads where as high as the telephone wires. The snow shut off as quick as it started, very little snow fell after that Jan. I did not work at the highway dep. at the time but they say there was 28 straight day of plowing from 3am-10pm. It was crazy.

  2. I also remember that winter. December was completely different than January! I remember it was in the 60s in the last week of December, something like 61 on Dec. 31. It cooled off a bit in early January, with highs in the 40s, then I remember a Ch. 13 meteorologist saying "the bottom is gonna drop out" right around Jan 10, and sure enough it did!

    That January was the reason I held out hope last winter when December was so warm. What a change. Similar events occurred in 2006-07 as well, just not as intense, and February was colder and snowier than January.

  3. We had more snow in January 2004 than we did all last winter.


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