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Sunday, November 4

Another East Coast Storm?

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

Just what the Northeast needs right now - another storm. But it's looking more and more like that will be the scenario come mid-week. A Nor'easter is getting it's act together, and looks like it'll bring winds and heavy rain to the the big cities along the northeast coast, and some high elevation snow.

So, what are we expecting from this storm? Well, the latest data has us on the fringes of the precipitation shield, with mainly the counties just off to the east of us in central NYS as the real cut-off. That being said, any little shift in the track off to the west, and we'll get in on some of the action, mainly Wednesday nigh into the first part of Thursday. Right now, we'd be looking at mostly rain or possibly some wet flakes mixing in, and some accumulating snow in the high elevations off to the east of us, and a little bit of a breeze on Thursday. If you're looking for our first accumulating snowfall, this doesn't appear to be it. The coastal cities will really be bearing the brunt of this storm. We'll be keeping you updated through the week, as the track may change!


  1. Hey, we are missing a Nor'easter. I know that shocks everyone. The pattern of the last many many years. The storms miss us to the East or they go West. Same old story every single year. It is getting so old.

  2. By "many many years" I hope you mean every year since ever. We just aren't in a favorable spot to bear the brunt of these big storms. You can blame the Appalachians for that, they force storms to move east or to cut west. Sometimes we land in the sweet spot of a big one, just not as often as places to our east and west. Sometimes we only need to be on the fringe of a big storm and our old friend Lake Ontario gives us a boost (read: Valentines Day 2007).

    I feel like I see at least one comment like this in every thread, and I'm sure it's the same person each time. Be patient, we'll have our turn eventually. And don't stress over missing a storm, it is what it is and nothing can be done to change it.


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