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Thursday, November 8

The Chill Let's Go, and...

Written by John DiPasquale:

The nor'easter departs the New England coast late today & tonight after dumping about a foot of concrete in parts of NJ, & Connecticut, & almost 5" to Central Park, which was a record for the earliest, biggest snowfall recorded for NYC's park.  We saw some clouds, & are still feeling the stiff breeze from it, but that's the extent of it here. 

The unseasonable chill of today will ease & more seasonable readings will come about for Friday & Saturday, before a big time warm up highlighted in the picture above blows in on a pretty gusty south-southwest wind Sunday & Veteran's Day.  Record warmth is possible both days with a pretty good deal of sun & highs likely to range from the upper 60s to mid 70s!!  The record high Sunday is 73 set back in 1909, & 72 set back in 1982 for Veteran's Day.  Stay tuned!  Make your outdoor plans!

After Veteran's Day, there will likely be a strong cold front with possibly a wave of low pressure moving along it sliding through.  This will send us back to reality, or even below average with rain possibly ending as snow Tuesday/Tuesday night with highs dropping back into the 30s & 40s for the middle of next week.     

Have a great one bloggers!


  1. November and December look to be mild with little snow. This is playing out just like the Weather channel stated over a month ago. The West will be colder and snowier (which is what is happening now) and we will be mild with no snow. I feel this could be a 2011-2012 repeat.

  2. November has been below average so far and we are almost half way through it. Little early to be verifying forecasts I think.

  3. Patience, first anonymous poster. Warm for two weeks very rarely translates to warm for two months. Besides, the weather channel knows about as much about the upcoming winter as my cat does...that is to say, nothing.


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