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Tuesday, February 19

Mid Winter Feel & Look Wednesday

Written by John DiPasquale:

After a mainly quiet, windy & colder night tonight, I do expect a little general snow very late tonight into the start of our Wednesday to move through compliments of a disturbance & some wrap around moisture around the storm passing by to the north & east.  This will likely make it a little slick around here with a quick coating to an inch or two for many for the morning ride in Wednesday.  Sometime late Wednesday morning/early in the afternoon a trough should swing through which will lead to a wind shift to more of a northwest wind developing Wednesday afternoon.  With the trough a burst of snow should work across most areas, followed by a spray of flurries & squalls, which will persist right into Thursday.  The thought is about 1 to 4 or 2 to 5" of snow in total will fall from early Wednesday through about 6 Wednesday evening.  Less to the south & maybe a bit more near the lake shore to the northwest of Rochester.  Some additional accumulations seem to be likely for our Wednesday night through Thursday morning time frame too thanks to the cold northwest flow.  More details & an update to come...

Have a nice night all!    


  1. Thrilled that I sold my snowmobile last month when the timing was right for those in Buffalo where the buyer could ride it. I enjoyed the cash well more than just looking at it in the garage. Both this year and last us in the southerntier received well less snow than Rochester. Very disappointing but nothing we can do about it. It is nature. Still have my husbands 2010 Polaris Rush with only 200miles on it for sale! Still hoping for enough snow ground cover to enjoy our awesome commercial grade snow tubes I bought. If it is not going to snow to enjoy, bring on the spring temperatures.

  2. Here we go again. Nickle and dime snow. Fake lake fluff.

  3. Winter is over. 40's all next week. We will end with under 65" for the year. Another pathetic winter in Rochester. I think this is what we will see from now on. Get used to this kind of winter in Rochester. Boring and no storms.

  4. This is what we will see from now! They probably said that in the 1940's too. Please knock it off with the crazy talk.

  5. Models have a -NAO and +PNA going forward.. that isn't a warm pattern. Might not be frigid but it won't be warm if it is right. I'm ready for spring.. just doesn't seem like it's ready for us just yet.

  6. We are just 4-5 inches short of all last winter. We are nearly or ahead of the February average.
    I say we get to 70" or more. One more storm and 80" is likely. We've had March storms that yield 24-40 inches.


  7. Sorry Caledonia we keeep saying models are saying this or projecting that and yet we get no storms. Lets just look at the read data. The temperatures are rising and the snow is going.Spring is here! No storms even close on the models. In fact this blog is so quiet it is spring scary. Get the patio furniture out. Go buy the lawn seed and get ready. The Troll was in the end the correct one. It had this winter very similar to last year and it was correct. Just eat crow and give it the credit that it deserves.

    1. Hey smart ass, according to you spring was here in January. This seems like tipical February weather to me. Just keep saying spring is comming and eventually it will.

    2. Credit for what? Troll said well above average temps and MAYBE one storm..wrong on both counts. The only thing left is seasonal snow fall which was originally predicted to be under 60 inches if I remember correctly....this winter seems like it might go on forever..last year seemed like it never started. Just wrong on everything.

  8. I didn't say storm Anonymous. I just mentioned that it doesn't look like it is going to get all that warm soon. Just because you keep saying spring is here doesn't mean spring is here. You have been saying that for weeks now. It's time to drop that schtick.

  9. In our country, the summer is not yet to come but the overnight rainfall tells us rainy days are coming..

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