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Tuesday, March 26

Still a Chill & a Bit Unsettled at Times

Written by John DiPasquale:

Ocean storm will throw a couple more waves of upper level energy & moisture at us Wednesday & Thursday particularly so, before we start drying some late Thursday through Saturday.  Temperatures will remain unseasonably chilly through the rest of the week with highs ranging from the upper 30s to mid 40s, as the average high is now sneaking up into the upper 40s.  The precipitation in the form of snow showers mixed with a little rain & graupel will be most widespread Wednesday, before slowly becoming more & more scattered toward the weekend.  Little, if any, accumulation is expected with maybe a coating to an inch or so in spots, especially over the hills Wednesday through Thursday morning.

Easter weekend looks not half bad with some sun & highs well into the 40s Saturday, & near 50 or so Easter Sunday itself with some rain possible for the afternoon ahead of a storm system & it's strong cold.  That cold front will chill us back down for much of next week with maybe a little snow at times.  So as of now, it looks like April will bring more unseasonably chilly weather for at least much of the first week of the month, but we'll see what happens beyond.  Stay tuned.

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  1. The CPC is lost and has been lost since the beginning of this winter...

  2. What does that mean Weatherguy? What is the CPC and what are they lost about?

  3. CPC is Climate Prediction Center. I haven't paid attention to their monthly outlooks.. but I'm guessing they have been inaccurate with Weatherguy's comment.

  4. Yeah, they were predicting March to be well above normal all winter long... and we all know that didn't happen. Now they are predicting a warmer than average April and that isn't looking to good either! And based upon current model trends, snow is not done here just yet...

    1. It was snowing hard in Brockport last night, still had snow on the ground this morning.

  5. Please stop perpetuating the myth that the skies are always gray in Rochester. Last night, while watching the weather, Scott said we have had 0.0 sunny days in March, this is absolutely not true. As he was reporting this, the sun was pouring into all my windows. We have had sunny days in March! Personally, I do not like a lot of sun and know I have had my sunglasses on several days this week on my way home from work. The sun is pouring in all my windows right now. Is it that the sun lunatics have to have a 100% clear sky in order to be happy? How sad. I like clouds but I don't have to have a cloudy sky all the time. to be "happy." I like the variety of clouds and I just like watching them. How did Abraham Lincoln govern the country when it was cloudy? How did Mozart compose if it rained? Did the level of Einstein's genius drop on cloudy days? It is the weather, we have to take what we get. This obsession for sunny weather all the time is just ridiculous. I think there are more important things to think about. If you go to the weather channel website you may display the entire month and see the little sun icons and know that we have indeed had some sun in March.

  6. What's with the CLOUDS? You said it would be 100% sunny today!


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