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Tuesday, April 30

A Nice Block Means Sunblock!

Written by John DiPasquale:

The positioning of the omega-blocking pattern setting up over the next couple days looks very nice for us here in WNY!  The result should be a good deal of sun for the most part, & unseasonable warmth for much of the rest of the week starting Wednesday & continuing through at least the start of next week too!  By day most of us will be in the 70s, and lows will be within a few degrees of 50.  By the big lake, though, it will be significantly cooler, 50s, due to a developing lake breeze for much of this upcoming stretch, but still nice.  Over the weekend we will have to keep an eye on a backdoor cold front, but at this point it looks like it will stay off to the north & fizzle out.  Stay tuned.   

Have a great day & enjoy the sweet weather ahead everyone!!   


  1. The warmth and dryness is really nice, but we can't stay dry for too long lest we end up with a repeat of last summer's drought. I'm not too worried about that though. It'll be great to have an extended period of real spring for once.

  2. Keep the rain away. Love this. OMEGA block is our friend.

  3. Another cloudy day in Rochester! ROCwhine

  4. Once again, the weather for Imagine RIT looks to be utterly spectacular. I always look forward to it, and when the weather cooperates it becomes that much more enjoyable.

    Our friendly neighborhood omega block won't last. Cooldown on the way, possibly as early as next Thursday. Or as late as early the following week, depending on what set of models/ensembles you choose to listen to. But most of the knowledgeable people I've seen discussing the matter seem pretty confident in a cooldown. Unfortunate that it'll be arriving in the heart of spring, but my optimistic side says maybe it'll include some needed rainfall, since a cutoff low will be lurking nearby next weekend with considerable uncertainty in its eventual track. The top layer of soil is already rather dry, and I'm starting to have Vietnam-style flashbacks of last summer's drought.

    Forgive me if this was already discussed on earlier newscasts, I was away from the TV and couldn't catch them.

  5. 5/2/13 Another cloudy day in Rochester! ROCwhine

  6. Why couldn't we get the 20+ inches of snow here that fell in Colorado. It would have made the snow plowers and complainers of not getting enough snow this Winter or that we missed out on one of the major snow falls or blizzards happy. Interesting how you don't see allow of them on the blog anymore.

  7. Anon 1:18, I guess you don't see snow lovers now because we've moved on to enjoy spring and summer also. Suggest you do the same.

  8. ANON 1:18,
    I still read the blog daily. Snow is for the winter months. This stretch of spring weather is perfect. All of Western NY seasons are enjoyable. I still watch models daily, just not as fun to blog about, TIME TO GO OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE WEATHER!!!

  9. No rain in sight. Awesome. I wont have to cut the grass every 3 days.

  10. Another cloudy day in Rochester! ROCwhine


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