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Thursday, June 27

Significant Rains Should Stay Away

Written by John DiPasquale:

There is a Flood Watch in effect for the entire area until 2 Friday afternoon, but it now appears that most of the heavier rains will stay to the south & east, & as a result I am not too concerned about significant flooding in WNY.  The area of low pressure responsible for a little rain later this afternoon into early tonight will slide by a little further to the south & east, which is why I expect less rain here now.  Still, though, a little rain at times should fall into tonight & probably even more so on Friday, as some wrap around moisture interacts with some upper level energy & a very weak surface low.  This should result in a somewhat showery, cool & breezy Friday.  Highs to end our week will only likely be in the low to mid 70s! 

The weekend doesn't look too bad with a few showers around Saturday under quite a few clouds, but some dry time should be had.  Right now Sunday looks to be the best day of the weekend with more breaks of sun & just a shower or two popping up later in the day, mainly south.  Highs should get up into the mid to upper 70s Saturday & be near 80 Sunday. 

We should start July off a little unsettled at times with seasonably warm temperatures, as highs will likely hang out in the low 80s.  We'll see about the 4th!  Still could be a little splash & dash going on for the holiday.  Stay tuned for updates.  

Have a great Thursday WNY!


  1. Seasonably warm temps with reasonable humidity is a good thing.

  2. Amen to the rain staying away.

  3. OMG. Stop raining already.

  4. Oh, I feel the weight of Humidity on my shoulders! Three shower day yesterday - I mean bathroom, not rain, shower.

  5. Way back in the Winter, I did state on this blog that this was going to be a cool and wet summer, and everyone thought that I did not know what I was talking about. Even the mets criticized me. This summer is turning out to be just that, miserable and wet!

    1. Well we still have a lot of summer remaining, plus our mean temperature this June so far is actually a half degree ABOVE normal. So you've only gotten the "wet" part correct so far, though it's true we've seen slightly more below average days than above average this month. Plus today should serve to diminish, if not eliminate the positive temp departure, but June should still finish near average tempwise. If back in the winter you simply stated that summer would be cool and wet without explaining why you believe so, that would explain why you were criticized. Most people, especially scientific types like meteorologists, don't take kindly to such predictions made without evidence.

    2. You're pounding your chest a little too soon. As anon 6:52 said June is actually running a bit warmer than normal.

      So right now you're only half right and we've got a lot of summer left.

  6. Looks like another crappy wet week next week.


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