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Monday, July 1

Unsettled Start, but Better End to Holiday Week

Written by John DiPasquale:

The combination of being on the front side of the weakening upper level trough & backside of the developing Bermuda High to the east will keep a southerly flow of moist air out of the Gulf of Mexico & Atlantic, which will serve to make it unsettled at times.  That being said, I do not expect any one day to be a washout between now & Friday, & we are hopeful that the chances of getting wet on the 4th itself appear to be fairly low, but of course this could change so stay tuned through the week for updates.  The good news is that the upper level trough is expected to slowly totally fall apart & allow the big Bermuda High to the east in essence will take more control of our weather by Friday & the weekend & should keep us mainly dry & quite toasty!  After a cool start to the week, I expect to be up around 80 Tuesday, & low to mid 80s Wednesday & the 4th, before mid to upper 80s should be with us to end the week & go through the weekend.  This is really good news if you have beach &/or pool plans for the upcoming holiday weekend!  Stay tuned through the week for updates.


  1. OMG. This weather is unbelievable. It looks like fall outside. Will this ever end?

  2. It's terrible news if you don't have a pool or beach plans... just terrible.

    1. Better than rain all day every day I say. I just want the 4th to be dry for everyone, but it looks like this annoying wet pattern might get in the way for a lot of folks.

    2. It's raining right now.. again.

  3. Can we please have a few weeks of dry weather. OMG, this is getting ridiculous. It rains everyday.

  4. Are there ANY signs that this 6 week long weather pattern we have been in will break down and change in our favor? It looks like rain, in some form, is in our future for at least another week or so!

  5. Hey as long as we don't have a repeat of Monday anytime soon, I will take what we had yesterday and today. Warm and some scattered showers are at least acceptable.

    Would also like to remind people that our weather, as rainy as its been, has been waayyy better than many other areas.

  6. Hey, it could be worse. It could be like this for the "next seven days of your life".
    Wait, that is the forecast. Well, holiday travel, cookouts, and pools are way over rated.
    Anyway, if we had a couple of dry days in a row, someone would say we need the rain.

  7. I just heard Scotty say that it will NOT rain here every hour.

    See - things are already looking up.

  8. It's gonna be in the 80's and humid. Perfect pool weather.

  9. The airport has picked up over 2 inches of rain today. It has been a deluge. This is unbelievable.


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