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Monday, June 10

What a June thus Far!

Written by John DiPasquale:

Well, June 2013 so far has been quite memorable in not such a good way unless you are a duck, or someone who loves rain.  The first 9 days of the month 2.75" of rain have fallen, which is almost 2" above average, & we will add some more to it this week!  A significant rainfall of about 0.75" to 1.50" will likely occur today into our Monday night & we will tack on some more at times on Tuesday, & possibly again Thursday, as the cool & wet pattern COULD very well persist through much of the remainder of June!  We'll see...

Right now it looks like the best day of the week may be Wednesday, & Friday may not be too bad with some sun possible both days!  Also, Father's Day weekend right now looks fantastic with some sun, a nice breeze & highs in the 70s!!  Hopefully this doesn't change...Fingers crossed!

Have a great start to the week & try to stay dry everyone!


  1. " the cool & wet pattern COULD very well persist through much of the remainder of June!"

    I can think of several words and phrases that accurately describe my feelings about this statement. None of them are family friendly. At least Father's Day weekend looks nice...for now.

  2. Oh, boy ... you must know that I have my fingers CROSSED! And my toes too.

  3. This weather sucks. When winter comes and we all want it to snow it will turn abnormally dry.

  4. Well we did not get .75- 1.50 that was forecasted above. The airport only measured .13.

  5. Some of the forecasts I'm seeing for later this week in the Northeast remind me more of November rather than June. Pretty crazy pattern we're in.

  6. Three days ago we were supposed to get 1-2 inches and we got barely anything. Today most forecasts (read: MOST) called for periodic showers and less than a quarter inch and instead we get well over an inch. Meteorology is a tough mistress :c

  7. Yeah. Rochester was supposed to only receive very little rainfall from this according to all the METS from yesterday. Instead there are now flood warnings in Monroe county.


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