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Friday, June 7

Rainy Start to Summer Season

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

We ended the winter season below average in the department, but we have more than caught up during the late Spring and early (meteorological) Summer season, thanks in part to Thursday's rainfall. Rochester picked up nearly 1 3/4" of rain at the airport, with many local spots recording 2"+ in the 24-36 hour period. This puts us over 2" above average for the month of June, and now just under a half inch above average on the year. We will dry out a bit this weekend, but more rains are headed our way early next week.

On the plus side, we should be spared a significant rainfall from the very first system of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, Tropical Storm Andrea, who is marching up the coast, but will stay far enough east to keep a soaking rainfall at bay this weekend.


  1. This weather is depressing..

  2. Hey, it is going to rain Monday and Tuesday. Something new.

  3. This "spring" has been abysmal even for here. March, April most of May were cold and very wet. June is off to more of the same. A few oddball hot days made May look warmer than normal but it really wasn't once you toss the oddballs.

  4. I have a bad feeling this is going to be the way the summer goes. Cool and wet. Then when winter comes and we all want it to snow there will not be a storm in sight or they will go South and East or West like they always do.

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  6. I think some of you suffer from skewed memory.

    May was more than 4 degrees above average and a full 2/3 of the days in May were average to well above. While we made up a lot of precip in May, most came in a few days and we had lots of dry periods.

    Yes, while we've had a bit of a rough start for June, it looks like we are heading into an improving period which should be average to a bit above temp wise.

    1. Oh I might also add that our weather has been a lot better than many other areas of the country.

    2. ????? NWS continues to predict BELOW for temps and ABOVE for rain for the next two weeks-- no improvement whatsoever in sight. Same pattern for about 6 months now.

    3. Take little stock in those long range forecasts. We heard the same thing about May, and yet 2/3 of the days were average to we'll above temps. Sure rain was also above, but the bulk came in several days.

      90's maybe illusive but 70' and low 80's are coming back soon.

  7. Looks like a long cold and wet summer,have very little hope for any summer like temps this year.And by the way,does anyone else think the weather people in the rochester area suck?You have Marty Snyder over on channel 13 standing there monday morning telling you it's not going to be a all day rain like thursday,but it's been raining nine hours straight and still shows no sign of stoping.All i can say to you Marty is you stink and get a real job you are good at.Notr that any of the other local forecasters are any better.


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