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Thursday, July 18

Brutal Heat & Humidity Combo through Friday

Written by John DiPasquale:

Wow!!  Check out the tropical dew points here in WNY today!  Crazy high dew points making temperatures that will be within a few degrees of around 90 feel more like within a few degrees of 100 through about 7 or 8 this evening!  For this reason the NWS has issued a Heat Advisory through 8 this evening for much of the viewing area, including the Greater Rochester area.  If you have to be outside this afternoon & early tonight do not overexert yourself & stay hydrated.  Remember to also check on the very young, elderly & pets in this dangerous heat humidity combo.  Conditions will likely be even worse Friday, but at least it will be windy.  Highs Friday should be up near 95 with the heat indices up around 105!  The heat & humidity will break slowly Saturday with some showers & storms due to pass through with a strong cold front through the early to mid afternoon.  Any storm that passes will also have the potential to be strong to severe on Saturday.  Temperatures Saturday will be mainly in the 80s & by day's end it will be turning cooler & less humid with a refreshing wind kicking in!  Can't wait!!

Sunday will be AWESOME with sun, a nice breeze & low humidity & highs in the mid 70s, & Monday should not be too different.  Lows Sunday & Monday morning will likely be in the 50s!  Talk about a refreshing change!  Stay tuned for updates & hang in there everyone.  


  1. My dog is getting anxious.. it insisted we go outside and chase sticks and lasted 3 throws before it headed to the door to go in. The humidity is oppressive if not straight up dangerous.

    I like the new site layout ( still some bugs )... although John has his picture in two places in the bio section. One where Stacey should be.. he is a handsome guy but I'm not sure it should award him two pictures.

  2. Not liking the new layout....where is the interactive radar???????

  3. Radar is at the top of my screen. I have a weather question. I've been noticing that storm cells and clouds have been coming in at a North Westerly direction over the last several days.. normally not a wind direction where you expect such heat and humidity. Is that just upper level winds?

  4. Not the radar I was looking for...., the interactive radar is where I could zoom in/out, showed direction of storm cells with neat little buttons and check the weather anywhere on the globe. I really miss it....

  5. Well I clicked on is the interactive radar but it doesn't work for me. A lot of the links are dead. Hopefully it can be fixed soon.

  6. What happened to the interactive radar? It has not been working for a couple of days and now it has been removed from the site. In the meantime, the channel 9 website in Syracuse(WSYR) also has the interactive radar. It works well from there.

  7. Thanks so much for the info. Heading on over to the WSYR website now...

  8. You don't have to shovel it--stop complaining. Beats the hell out of January.

    1. Most of us bloggers love January though ._.

  9. Just discovered the ch. 13 web site has the interactive radar. Click on the weather tab, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.


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