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Monday, September 30

Warm, Nice Start to October on Tap!

Written by John DiPasquale:

Well we end September on the mild side with not much sun, but still not too shabby after the incredible weekend we just had.  The majority of the first several days of October look fantastic too with some sun returning Tuesday through Thursday & highs averaging out in the mid 70s & lows in the 50s.  This is more representative of early September rather than early October.  We'll take it! 

On Friday, a warm front will try to deliver at least a few showers & storms & in it's wake really warm us up to begin the weekend possibly into the 80s Saturday, before we probably cool back down into the 60s, maybe 50s, Sunday with a cold front & some showers/storm.  More warmer weather appears to be on the horizon though again beyond the start of next week for much of next week!  We'll see though, as it is still a ways out.  Stay tuned.

Have a great day & enjoy the nice weather WNY!!     


  1. Let's get this warmer than average weather out of the way before winter starts. Would be nice for the grass to quit growing.. and to get some cool days to work outside doing "fall" type stuff.

  2. It'll come, probably won't be til 2nd week of October though.

  3. It'd be great to keep it mild and dry till December and then BANG... Let it snow, snow, snow.

  4. Chris no longer in Sodus Point, but in PenfieldSeptember 30, 2013 at 8:49 PM

    There's only so much cold air on tap each winter. It is building in the arctic with snowstorms already depositing snow in Siberia and Alaska. That snowpack is the origin of much of our cold, winter air. By not draining it now, it will be energized even more so for the start of winter.

  5. This mild and dry pattern is pretty nice and all, but my inner weather nerd is starting to get seriously bored with the lack of action lately and in the forseeable future. I know Sunday could feature a showery cold front, but to me that's like a cherry in a famine. Consensus among monthly forecasts is for a mild October overall. I hope we can get a few decent wind-driven rainstorms to go along with that to keep us enthusiasts appetized until winter hits...whenever that may be.

  6. We really need a dry month. I hope it stays this way through October.

    1. Precipitation in August and September was 0.77 inches below average and 0.97 inches below average, respectively. Which, IMHO, constitutes two overall dry months. Not to mention we've gotten measurable rainfall only once in the past 2 weeks. So we really aren't in need of any extended dry period since we're kind of in one already.

  7. Going to be a mild weekend and mainly dry for saturday,thats the totally wrong forecast you losers are going to stick with? Have a steady rain falling and the temps in the low 60's.You guys suck and need to need to come up with correct information instead of this B.S FORECASTS! Most dependable forecast my ass.


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