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Thursday, January 22


We've had no shortage of cold air so far this month but snow has been hard to come by.

Each blast of cold that has moved into western New York has been accompanied by strong high pressure and very dry air limiting any lake response and the amount of snow that we've seen.

As we head toward the weekend, a strong Nor'Easter will rapidly intensify as it moves northeast along the coast. A band of heavy snow will set up on the northwest side of this powerful storm and right now, it looks like some of the major cities including New York and Boston will be in line to see heavy snow and strong winds Saturday into Sunday.

Unfortunately for snow lovers in western New York, this storm will move too far east to have any impact on us. Instead, we'll focus our attention on a cold front approaching from the west. As this front moves through late Saturday afternoon, a few snow showers will develop and as colder air arrives on Sunday, some lake enhanced snow will be a possibility.

Another storm system will develop over the Ohio Valley and slide northeast through central Pennsylvania on Monday spreading widespread light snow across the region. This will be our best opportunity of seeing accumulating snow but this too looks like a minor event. South of the Thruway and across the Southern Tier, snow could be heavier and several inches could accumulate here.

Whether we get much snow or not, frigid air will return early next week with highs struggling to climb out of the mid teens and overnight lows in the single digits.

Written By: Meteorologist Matt Jones


  1. But then the 00z GFS comes in, and it's a total whiff for even the southern tier after several decent runs in a row. This is why northern stream systems are so frustrating, they're much tougher to get a handle on than southern stream systems because they originate in data sparse areas at high latitudes. The weekend coastal is such a sketchy call that I'm actually glad we don't have to pull our hair out over the narrow snow swath that it's going to produce. So many potential limiting factors including very marginal temp profiles, progressive upper air flow and paltry cold sector precip extent. No way Jose, give me a Miller B style spread-the-wealth deal any day of the week over that mess.

  2. Wow. We cannot even get a clipper to hit us. This winter sucks. Waste of cold air. Next week looks dry again. The beat goes on an on. The snow DROUGH continues.

  3. People need to stop saying it will get snowier. Eventually you might be right. Week after week after week we here it is going to get more active and it never happens. The METS need to stop saying it will get more active. This winter is a BIG BIG bust.

  4. Things certainly not looking good for any sizable snow fall in the next 10 days. Funny Matt is a weather guy in western, NY and he said last night he does not like snow. That is like putting a fish in the ocean that does not like water. Kind of crazy.


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