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Friday, March 16

Mother Nature Feeling Green this Weekend

Written by John DiPasquale:

The rest of today will be pretty pleasant with some sun & highs between 60 & 65. Tomorrow, as the graphic on the left states is going to be gorgeous after some patchy early fog we will likely have a good deal of sun & unseasonably warm temperatures away from Lake Ontario. 70s near the Thruway & points south, but 40s & 50s within about 2 or 3 miles of the lake & probably 60s in downtown Rochester. Either way, it is going to be gorgeous, & one of the nicest weather days we've ever had for the parade! Get out & enjoy!

A big ridge of high pressure centered near Bermuda will basically keep us incredibly warm & mainly dry for much of next week! There will be a few showers & storms trying to sneak in later Sunday into Monday with a disturbance, & maybe then again Thursday into Friday thanks to a backdoor cold front. Highs will likely be in the 70s by day, except near the big lake, & lows in the 40s to low 50s.

Have a great day & weekend bloggers!


  1. Just peaked at the 7 day forcast and thought "WOW, it's ONLY March"...has this extended warmth ever happened here in the Rochester area before? With weather like this it's difficult to think we would have to turn back to winter like temperatures anytime soon.

  2. People keep saying that"winter" will make a comeback at the end of this month and April. Winter never came this year so how can it make a comeback. There are no signs of colder weather coming back at the end of March or April. I do not think we will be this warm, but we will still be way above normal in temps. Right now it is only 59 in Rochester but 77 in Dansville. It is 68 in Macedon.

  3. Scott and I were just talking today at the parade. Somebody asked, "is it going to snow again this winter?" Scott adamantly said, "yes!" and I agree. Will it be a big snow? Probably not. But I remember just two years ago when it snowed on Mother's Day. Looking back over the last 5 years, we've gotten at least a "trace" of snow every single April, with more than 6" in April of 2007! So, has this March and this winter season been unusual? Yes. Will we get more snow before "winter" leaves us? Climatology points to yes! In the meantime, we'll enjoy some summer-like warmth in our final days of winter!

    - Stacey

  4. I tip my hat to John for pointing out that we were overdue for an extreme winter of some sort - either very snowy and cold, or very mild with low snow - way back in November. He was right. We didn't have a winter like this one in ten years.

    Following each winter that resembled this one lately, ('01-'02, '94-'95), came a winter that was long, cold and snowy. The latest example was 2002-03, with long bouts of cold and snow with no significant warm up from December through March.


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