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Friday, March 30

Some Wet Snow & Rain/Storm Tonight

Written by John DiPasquale:

Well, it does appear we will have at least some snow at times in the air tonight developing between 6 & 9 or 7 & 10 this evening thanks to a clipper & upper air disturbance. However, while there will be some cold air in place, I don't think there will be enough cold air in place to make for all the precip to fall as snow. There actually could even be a t-storm or two mixed in there tonight, as Central-Southern Lower Michigan are experiencing during the midday Friday. With that being said, I do not expect anything more than a sloppy coating to maybe an inch or two of snow tonight to accumulate, if any at all. Temperatures will be marginal most of the night into the start of Saturday for the precipitation to be in the form of snow, let alone accumulate. There should be some evaporative cooling at the onset of the precipitation & that will help the snow cause, but ultimately the track of the storm will make or break whether or not we pick up an inch or two & maybe three or little to no snow tonight. Normally I would say the hills have a better chance of getting snow, but the air will be milder the further south you go tonight, so I don't think is going to be the case tonight. Either way, the POTENTIAL is there for the ground to be white for many when we wake up tomorrow, but don't be surprised if it's not because the temperatures are so marginal. Any snow that does fall, though will melt away quickly Saturday, as highs will reach into the mid 40s with any lingering snow & rain or drizzle tapering off by the midday. There may even be a little sun to end our Saturday, if we are lucky.

The first day of April will become milder & breezy with some showers developing later in the day, & yes there should not be any April fools jokes from mother nature, but beware of your friends & family members:-)

It should be seasonably cool to start next week with some sun, followed by a milder Tuesday & then possibly a stretch of unseasonably cold temperatures, wind & some rain & even snow showers off the lake. Stay tuned.

Have a good day & weekend everyone!


  1. A white easter?

  2. No snow in the hills of Sparta. Temps must have stayed just warm enough last night. I'm fine with it. It's hard to have Little League practice in the snow. -Chris

  3. There was a mix of snow and rain near Lake Ontario last night, but it did not accumulate. Did see a few cars in the Holt Rd. Wegmans parking lot with a few inches of snow on their roofs though. Not sure which direction they came from.

  4. Looks like a beautiful opening day for the Red Wings this Saturday.


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