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Monday, August 20

Slow Warming Trend on the Way...

Written by John DiPasquale:

The slightly cooler than average temp regime will continue through Tuesday with regards to the highs, but come Wednesday will be right around average, & thereafter we will be going above average for awhile the way it looks right now.  As far as rainfall goes, there will be a few showers/storm around this afternoon, & maybe a couple more tomorrow mainly south of the Greater Rochester area, but for the most part much of today & Tuesday should be dry throughout the region.  After tomorrow, the weather should be very cooperative for your outdoor plans, especially if it involves swimming, as highs by late in the week into the weekend should have no problem making the low to mid 80s, & possibly the upper 80s in spots Sunday.  The overall dry weather over the next several days could very well keep us in the moderate drought status for another week at least.  We'll see when the new numbers come out Thursday morning. 

Long range indications currently suggest that after we warm up later this week through the start of next week, that we will turn at least more seasonable for the start of September.  We'll see...

Have a great start to the week WNY!



  1. I do not undertsand how we can still be in a moderate drought when we are only just less than an inch below normal of rain for the year and we have had at least 4-5 inches of rain over the past several weeks.

  2. Drought cant be erased in just a couple of weeks. The rainfall deficit maybe overcome in some of the few areas which recieved 4-5 inchs of rain, but drought has to do with more than just lack of rainfall. Hot weather, windy weather and sunny weather also play a huge role, thanks to evaporation. The groundwater table is very low, it will take time to recover not just a few weeks of isolated 4-5 inch rain totals.


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