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Friday, May 31

A New Record For the Last Day of May?

Written by: Stacey Pensgen

STEAMY! That's the word for you Friday, and even into the weekend. At noon on Friday we were at 87 degrees, within 4 degrees of the record of 91, which was set back in 2011 and also 1944. There's a good bet we'll reach, if not exceed that number. Much of that heat continues into the first half of the weekend, but more in the way of clouds and some rain/storms will likely keep temperatures from reaching the 90s again. A pretty potent cold front swings through on Sunday, bringing with it some storms, and cooler air by Monday and into much of next week.

1 comment:

  1. Just got deluged about 10 minutes ago. Lots of wind and buckets of rain. Glad I didn't go shopping 20 minutes later than I did or it would've been real fun getting home...


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