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Saturday, April 4


As much as I'd like to tell you it's going to be sunny and 70 for Easter Sunday, it looks like you'll be dodging rain and snow showers during those egg hunts instead. A stationary front will set up south of the Thruway and as a series of weak disturbances move along this boundary, rain and snow will be the result. 

This same front is going to make for a very tricky temperature forecast through much of next week as it wavers north and south across the region. South of the boundary, highs each day will be well into the 50s and 60s while locations north of the front will hold in the 30s. It's still too soon to say exactly where this front will set up each day making for an uncertain forecast. 

It will also be a very active pattern with several disturbances and waves of low pressure moving through. Periods of rain will be the result almost each day and locations along and north of the stationary boundary could mix with snow at times. 

Looking further ahead, signs point to a change in the pattern that will allow for much warmer air to arrive by the end of next week. Unlike our most recent warm spell that only lasted a few days, it looks as though the mild weather this time around could last for awhile. 

Written By: Meteorologist Matt Jones


  1. By awhile, I hope you mean until October.

  2. Experienced a snowlike substance earlier today on my travels westward. Couldn't have been actual snow though since the calendar says it's spring.

  3. What a dismal weather week ahead. Cloudy and rainy all week. Yuck. Typical Rochester spring.

  4. When will winter be over with. Really snow on Easter, and a few more chances for snow this week. Though I have enjoyed this past winter with all of the snow and cold; I am truly ready for it to be done, and looking forward to Summer. I've given up on having Spring.

  5. There aren't any snow chances indicated for this week...

    1. My mistake, I had not seen or watch any of the weather reports since the weekend, as at that time, they were predicting wintery mix for Tuesday and Wednesday. Apologize.

  6. Another winter over and another slow death to this blog only to rise again come October....

  7. It kind of bums me out to see this place dwindle to about one post per week during the warm months. Most weather forums deal with the same thing, especially since the majority of their members tend to hail from the Northeast/Mid Atlantic where the most exciting weather by far happens during the winter. Just give me a more interesting summer than last year, where the highlight was basically one very rainy day. If the current El Nino continues through the summer, however, then we'll be favored for below average temps and a below average number of tropical systems.

    That lake breeze sure is something else...temps have dropped 15 degrees at the relatively far inland airport during the course of this afternoon.

  8. Chris now in PenfieldApril 6, 2015 at 7:13 PM

    I am going out on a limb and predicted a warm, mild winter either in 2015-16 or 16-17. We have had three fairly cold and snowy winters (particularly 13-14, 14-15) in a row, while the ridge out west caused record high temps and record low precipitation. Everything in the global climate is connected, and I expect this imbalance to balance itself out in the next year or two.

    Last mild, warm winter was 2011-12; 2001-02 before that. Those years featured frigid cold and snow in AK and the higher elevations out west.

  9. This place looks like a graveyard, good grief. You've all finally realized that your Winter has been LONG GONE!
    To the fool above who thinks its going to snow this week.....NOPE! TOO WARM! ALL RAIN!!
    I've been right all along and I'll be right again!
    Sorry folks, but any precip this week will be NBD and ALL RAIN because it is SPRING!!!
    Enjoy the nice mild temps and keep wishing Winter was here bc then you'd have something to talk about!
    Sorry folks, you'll have to wait till next winter to hype up a snow storm again!

    1. Please do us a favor and find some better bait by then. By the way, it has snowed at least a trace on 9 days since the start of this calendar spring.

    2. A trace?? As in a NBD trace?? Exactly...

    3. But haven't you been saying over and over again that it can't snow because it's spring? Exactly.

      Why do you do this to yourself anon?

  10. I blew it with the odds on an April 4 storm but this will be a sure bet, just a question of when:

    Post your prediction:
    Last day with measurable snowfall (defined as trace +)
    First day 80 degrees or above, official ROC temp.
    First day 90 degrees

    Me first: measurable snow is over, so whatever the last day with measurable snow was; 80 degrees = April 25, 90 degrees= July 8


    1. Last measurable snow: tomorrow
      First 80 degree day: May 3rd
      First 90 degree day: June 19th

      And I'll also guess a total of 4 days reaching 90 or better.

    2. Last measurable: April 5th
      First 80 degree day: April 29th
      First 90 degree day: July 25th
      2 days of 90 or better this summer.

      Marcy the Marvelous Mule.

  11. Well let's see,it's June 9th,local forecast was for the low 70's today as of11:40 it's up to 60,local forecast was for light rain,it's raining so hard i have water in the middle of my yard,so all in all a totally wrong forecast by our wonderfully useless weather men and women.


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